Another sunny day

by Hilary  

A beautiful, blistering hot day here and I?m out on the balcony with laptop with radio 4 playing in the background. Here?s the latest news on the car, didn?t have time to confer with you if I have made the right choice.

Andreas rings to say that he has spoken with his bosses and it is very expensive so I have to take the car to Thessaloniki for their garage to do the work. I would leave the car with them on the way to the airport and pick it up on the way back. When I said I was away for 6 weeks he was a bit surprised and I felt unhappy leaving it to their mechanics, seeing as they did not fix these obvious problems when the car was there. They did not want my garage here to do it as it was so expensive, about 400 euros, however 350 of that is for the original part, which they were prepared to pay for, so I cant see how 50 euros for labour is expensive. Anyway, I said, send the part here and I?ll pay for the labour.

He rang again to say he has bought the part, it is sitting on his desk, and he is going to send the part over by courier; just hope I will be in when it comes. Then I can go to the garage in Prinos to have it repaired. Always, with second hand car, there are problems at the start, but lets hope it will be alright after this. I think I will leave it in Martin?s garden for the 6 weeks.

Georgos came with a big bowl of fasalakia from Eleni, I?ll have that tonight. Too late for the bakers, by the time I got there they only had a couple of stick like sesame seed rolls, which I bought failing anything else.

Walking back past Plantenos there was a commotion, a truck had stopped selling maize, which I didn?t try after the last experience of eating cattle food, and a bizarre man in large straw hat and shorts, singing. Singing and selling walking sticks with the man selling maize. He has a good selection of shiny wooden sticks in his hands and walks over the café neo looking for business. Most of the men struggle down the hill using their sticks so they should be interested in an upgrade. As I pass by I hear them bartering over the price '1 euro' says Violetta, the big woman that does the cooking, '4 euros' I think I hear him say, and the men remain unmoved sitting upright in the shade.

Maybe something more to report later, after I go to the beach to try and regain my confidence and perhaps I might get a bit of a tan.

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