Wasp attack

by Steven  

Seven days without being stung, must have got complacent. There I was, walking along the shore line from Scala to Vigli, the sun had decided to come out and it was a mellow autumn day, and was ready to leave the beach and walk back along the road. There were two paths to take, and the one I chose had a wasp lying in wait, like snipers on the beach. I felt the needle and saw the aggressor, crawling away on the sand, with several others. I was not happy, I imagined all the usual problems, not being able wear shoes, walk, drink, So, instead of coming back by the road, its about a 20 min walk, needed the cooling sea water, so I walked back in the water, looking carefully, and seeing hundreds of dead wasps washed up on the shore. They seemed to make it their home, with more down the family end at golden beach. The water soothed the pain enough to get back home and now I?ve given it the treatment with the new cream (lets see if it works) taken an antihistamine and am sitting with an ice pack on the sole of my foot. Will give you progress tonight on the severity.

Tonight is the café neo evening, gives me a chance to speak to someone as I have been alone all day.

Had some of my blood results back, my cholesterol is a bit high 5.3 so I will see what I can do to reduce it, although I think it has always been that level. Still waiting for them to do the other rheumatoid test results as there was a note on that.

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