Wasp follow-up

by Hilary  

The wasp attack has left me nervous of going outside. They attack for no reason and are everywhere ? hovering on the ground, amongst the plants, and coming through the windows.

After the sting I still went down to the café neo in the evening, but my foot was swelling up and it was difficult to walk back up the hill. I didn?t feel too bad around midnight, but then I felt like I had been hit by the flu: shivery, aching, unable to get warm, crawling under the blankets and still freezing. After a couple of hours I finally managed to strength to go downstairs to the toilet and pick up paracetamol, and find my woolly socks. The socks helped a bit to warm me up, and I lay all night in a fever feeling sick. The paracetamol helped bring down my temperature and ease the pains, so that by lunch time I felt l had left the worst of it behind.

It was a nasty experience, and being on my own made me anxious as each time I have an increasingly worse allergic reaction. So that?s the end of walking barefoot on the beach at this time of year.

The weather is better today, a powder blue sky with high cloud and warm. Being Sunday I needed to get up to get bread from the bakers. The church bells rang all morning and when I walked through the village square if was full of people holding biscuits in identical plastic containers. It was mostly village women, dressed in their Sunday best for church, and groups of them were making for the tables set out in the café bars. Outside the Katoga all the tables were pushed together for the parties, with salads laid out ready. It looked like a festival of some sort for the village, had Eleni been around she would have let me know what it was all about.

So, I thought I would pop into Elenis, seeing at it was morning, and a rarity for me to be up. But the gate was still locked and there was no activity. Poppy called to me and told me that she was still in the hospital and hadn?t returned at all. Then I asked Poppy why all the people were in the square and she told me that it was a year after the man who had the big supermarket, Topsis, died. The family and friends go to the church to remember him, then after the ceremony, they all drink coffee together. She gave this ceremony a name which I cannot remember. It seemed a good ritual and he had a lot of friends.

Which is more that can be said for me, as I sometimes think that I am in solitary confinement hear in paradise. Not that I haven?t enough to do, but I think I always need someone to push me into doing something else I just drift along doing nothing.

I?ve bought a canvas, bigger this time, it would be a pity not to use it. Only I feel so self-coconscious painting at some beauty spot, with people looking over my shoulder and feeling disappointed with my results.

There?s a two day old Mousaka to eat up, and as I?ve not felt that hungry, its about time I ate something.

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